Visas to Colombia

Latvian citizens do not need a visa to enter Colombia 

The citizens of Latvia do not have to present visa to enter Colombia in the status of visitant or tourist (maximum length of stay without visa are 180 calendar days in the same year). For entering Colombia they must present a valid Latvian passport. 

Henceforward Colombia will have the same rules regarding migration affairs of exemption of visa towards these countries like other European countries that constitute the Schengen space.  

These decisions were adopted by Resolution 1240 of March 25, 2008 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia and published in Official Journal on April 1, 2008.

For other matters regarding the visas, please, contact the nearest Embassy of Colombia, what is located in Warsaw.

The address of the Embassy of Colombia in Warsaw (Poland) is: 
ul. Zwyciezcow 29, 
03-936 Warsaw 
Phone: +48 22 6177157 
Fax: +48 22 6176684 
timetable for the visitors: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.