Photo Exposition



The photo exhibition "The Other America" will take place in five different towns of Latvia - the capital city Riga, Ventspils, Valmiera, Daugavpils, and Liepaja - from March 27 till May 4, 2008. There will be represented six Latin American countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay). The exhibition will be a gift from Honorary Consuls of these Latin American countries to Riga at the 90th anniversary of Latvia. This will not be only an exhibition, but a different manner to present Latin America (its culture, nature, architecture, people and other aspects) to the people that live in Latvia. Therefore the exhibition will take place in locals which more people visit, that is, in shopping malls instead of museums. This kind of event will be the first one in Latvia that will be as an impulse for further cooperation between Latvia and Latin American countries, for example, tourism, education, commerce and other fields.   

Sponsors: Sony, Riga City Council, CEMEX, Embassy of Brazil, Embassy of Colombia, Embassy of Mexico 
Partners: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, Embassy of Chile, Embassy of Ecuador, Embassy of Uruguay, Reval Hotel Latvija, Kaleva Travel, Latvian Academy of Culture, University of Latvia, Shopping Centre „Mols”,, Tequila Corralejos,, Party Agency, Lamatas un slazdi. 


28.03. – 30.03. Riga, Reval Hotel Latvija 
31.03. – 06.04. Riga, Shopping Centre „Mols” 
08.04. – 13.04. Ventspils, Shopping Centre „Tobago” 
15.04. – 20.04. Valmiera, Shopping Centre „Valleta” 
22.04. – 27.04. Daugavpils, Cinema „Renesanse” 
30.04. – 04.05. Liepaja, Shopping Centre „Ostmala” 

Download here poster of the photo exhibition 

¡We invite you to the photo exhibition "The Other America" to get acquainted to the diversity of Latin America!