The most important meal in Colombia is lunch that usually is served between 1:00 p.m. and  2:00 p.m. It generally consists of a soup, followed by main course (called "seco" or "bandeja") that is served with soft drink or juice. 

Popular alcoholic drinks are aguardiente, beer and rum. The coffee is very appreciated, especially made as "tinto" that is a cup of strong coffee. In Bogota they drink also chocolate called chocolate santafereño, served with cheese and bread (usually you cut the cheese in pieces and dip in the chocolate). Colombia has one of the principal soft drink markets of Latin America. 

In Colombia they eat different kinds of fruit that are totally unknown in Europe and North America, for example guayaba, zapote, lulo, curuba, mamoncillo, corozo, uchuva, feijoa, mango and other. 

The leaves of banana are common in traditional cuisine, for example, in dishes like "quesillos" (cheese wrapped in these leaves) and "tamales". 

In great part of Colombia they eat arepas that is a kind of bread made of cornmeal. 

Indian communities of Amazon and Orinoco basin makes important processing of Yuca and its products like fariña and casabe.