Principal Cities 

 is the capital of Colombia with around 8 million inhabitants. It is located approximately 2600 m above the sea level. There are a lot of tourism object in Bogota and it is a very important commercial center with many international companies. Thanks to its number of inhabitants, production and commerce, it is the biggest market in the country.  

Medellin is called the industrial city of Colombia. There are situated many factories of textile, food products, tobacco, agriculture trucks, iron and steel industry, chemistry, cement and furniture. This city is the biggest producer of textile in South America. Antioquia, the region where Medellin is located, is an important center of production of energy, mining industry and agriculture. Besides there is produced great part of export products of the country as coffee, banana and flowers.  

Other big cities are Barranquilla and Cali what is the capital of Valle del Cauca that is producer of sugar. Cartagena de las Indias in the North of the country is enlisted as UNESCO World heritage. Thanks to its beauty and infrastructure it is the center of international meetings.