General Information

The name of the Republic of Colombia (República de Colombia) originates in the honour of the founder of America, Christopher Columbus. It is located in the northwest of South America at the coast of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It also has jurisdiction above a part of Amazons; therefore Colombia is called “the fatherland of three seas” (patria de tres mares). 

Colombia borders with Venezuela in the east; with Brazil in the southeast; with Peru and Ecuador in the south; and with Panama in the northeast. According to sea border treaties, it is considered that Colombia borders also with Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.   

The capital of Colombia is Bogotá, which forms the district of the capital. It is also the capital of the region Cundimarca. It is a metropolis with more than eight millions of habitants, and it is second biggest city in South America. There is also the house of parliament in the city. 

Official name: Republic of Colombia 
Government: Presidential republic 
Independence: July 20, 1810 (from Spain) 
President: Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego
Vice-president: Francia Márquez 
Capital: Bogotá (Santafé de Bogotá
Area: 1 141 748 km2 
Population: 42 494 395 (2005) 
Official language: Spanish (in some regions there are different Indian languages) 
Religion: Catholic (95%) 
Time zone: UTC -5 
Currency: Colombian peso/COP 
Calling code: +57 
Internet TLD: .co